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Faculty of Management Training

This structural unit was founded on February 26, 1998. A year later, it was turned into a magistracy in management training for internal affairs organs. On the basis of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, adapted on September 23, 2004 “On measures for further improvement of the training of specialists for the internal affairs bodies at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, the Higher Academic Courses were organized. Over the years, the team was led by R.Saitbayev, F.Alimov, I.Mirzaraimov, U.Mukhamedov.

Since 2017, high academic courses have again received the status of the faculty of leadership training. The main objective of the faculty is to prepare highly qualified managers for the internal affairs bodies that meet the spiritual and moral requirements set before the heads of the internal affairs bodies.

For the study can be admitted to the faculty as candidates from among officers who have a higher education and are not older than 40 years, who have practical work experience in the internal affairs bodies for at least seven years (the period of study in full-time education is not taken into account), carrying service in the circle of certain positions for at least one year, capacity of their personal and work qualities, health and physical fitness to perform official duties of an officer of the internal affairs bodies.

Today, the faculty trains qualified managerial personnel by the specialty of “Management activities of the internal affairs bodies”. According to the annual curriculum, the listeners study 26 sciences in seven training sections. The educational process is carried out with the help of advanced innovative technologies and interactive methods. New educational literature, textbooks and teaching aids on a specialty provide for conducting studies in the spirit of modern requirements. The advantage is that each lesson is conducted along with the faculty and practitioners of the internal affairs bodies who have extensive practical experience. In turn, students during the passage of qualifying practice reinforce their theoretical knowledge. Listeners who successfully graduated from the faculty of leading personnel on the basis of the decision of the Final State Attestation are awarded with the qualification “Management”, and corresponding diploma.

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