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Community Council

The Community council under the Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs is a permanent advisory body.

The purpose of the council is to increase the quality of the educational process, the effectiveness of scientific and research work, to strengthen the moral and spiritual atmosphere in the team, and to exercise community control over the processes of educating cadets and listeners as highly moral, patriotic personnel.

Objectives of the Council:

to monitor the quality of education, the knowledge and pedagogical competences of teaching staff, the conditions created for cadets;

to form recommendations regarding the candidates who are being recruited for teaching staff positions;

to monitor the testings and exams, mid and final controls, final state attestations;

to provide practical assistance in preventive activities of  corruption;

to implement public control over the activities of disciplinary councils;

to review applications of cadets and listeners, conduct surveys to study social opinion as necessary;

to carry out community control on social protection of the personnel;

to develop proposals and recommendations to the leadership of the Academy regarding the further development of the Academy’s activities, strengthening of the moral and ethical environment, as well as the prevention of various illegal activities and the elimination of identified problems.

The Council holds a report meeting every six months.


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