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The Department of uzbek and foreign languages

The department of Uzbek and foreign languages is a structural unit that supports the training of specialist personnel of the academy.

Subjects taught by the department:

foreign language for lawyers;

Uzbek language for lawyers;

Russian for lawyers;

practical Uzbek language and literature;

Karakalpak language;

Tajik language.

Publications by teaching staff of the department:

“English language” (textbook);

“Uzbek language (for lawyers)” (textbook);

“Improving the mechanisms of improving the qualifications of English language teachers of general educational schools based on the individual approach” (monograph);

“Lingvocultural features of military terms used in English and Uzbek” (monograph);

“Practical Uzbek language and literature” (training manual);

“Uzbek language” (training manual);

“Language of specialization” (training manual);

“Proceeding in the state language” (course of the lecture).

Language clubs are organized under the department. Close cooperation has been established with the leading specialized educational institutions of our country.




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