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Psychological support center

The Psychological Support Center was established in 2009.


      The main purpose of the center is to increase the level of psychological training of personnel and further improve the important professional and psychological characteristics, to determine the professionalism of candidates wishing to enter the educational institution, leadership skills of employees appointed to leadership positions and the state of morale.


      The Center carries out the following work:


study of personal, interpersonal, intergroup relations of personnel members on the basis of socio-psychological laws and the application of a healthy spiritual environment;


provide psychological advice to senior executives of structural units in working with subordinates and managing the service process;


prevention of occupational and domestic stress (strain), fatigue and other negative moods and the implementation of psychological correction;


ensuring the mental stability of employees using psychological methods in extreme and emergency situations;


to teach the responsible staff in the process of educating the personnel the procedure for the widespread use of psychological tools and methods.

to study the social, spiritual and psychological environment in service teams and the relationship between employees, to develop recommendations for its improvement;

identify employees with a high tendency to negative behavior, conduct psychological interviews with employees, assist in resolving personal and family difficulties and problems;


psychodiagnostics and psychoprophylaxis to prevent suicides among personnel;


to study the managerial and organizational skills of employees appointed to senior positions in law enforcement agencies.


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