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The Department of civil-legal sciences

The department of civil-legal sciences is a structural unit that supports the training of specialist personnel of the academy.

Subjects taught by the department:

civil and family law;

civil proceedings;

labor law;

financial law.

Publications by teaching staff of the department:

“Civil and family law” (textbook);

“Labor law” (textbook);

“Family law” (textbook);

“Civil-procedural law” (textbook);

“Internal affairs bodies as the subject of delict relations” (monograph);

“Improving the civil-legal status of citizens’ self-government bodies” (monograph);

“Civil-legal issues of compensation for damage caused by internal affairs bodies” (training manual);

“Civil-legal status of citizens’ self-government bodies” (training manual);

“House rental agreement” (training manual);

“The right to operational management of the property of internal affairs bodies” (training manual).

A scientific circle of talented cadets was established under the department. In order to ensure harmony of theory and practice during the training process, close cooperation has been established with structural units and regional divisions of the Ministry of internal affairs, as well as with leading educational institutions.


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