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Legal status, purposes and objectives of the Academy

Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs was established in accordance with the decision No.447 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated on September 2, 1994.

The Academy is a higher militarized educational institution.

The purpose of the Academy is to train learners in the specialized subjects in depth and professionally oriented, to prepare mature qualified personnel by improving their professional training and spiritual-moral qualities.

Objectives of the Academy:

to ensure the quality of education in accordance with state educational standards, qualification requirements, curriculum and programs;

to carry out targeted professional training and to conduct in-depth combat-physical training of personnel in the educational system;

to organize the educational process (including practice, internship) taking into account the proposals of personnel customers;

to train highly qualified specialists, as well as scientific-pedagogical personnel;

to systematically improve the personnel training methods taking into account the modern achievements of science and technology;

to create an effective system for spiritual-moral education, to increase legal culture and legal consciousness, to form high moral, ethical, humanitarian and patriotic qualities of learners;

to combine the teaching staff with qualified scientific-pedagogical, first of all, personnel specialized in the teaching of field subjects, to widely involve experts with extensive practical experience in judicial and law enforcement bodies in the educational process;

to implement extensively the interactive teaching methods, innovative pedagogical and information-communication technologies, including situational training, self-study education, distance education system;

to provide the opportunities for learners and teachers to use global information-legal and educational resources;

to develop and practically introduce the mechanisms for harmonizing  the science and production in education;

to conduct fundamental and practice-oriented scientific research on the problems existing in the activities of internal affairs bodies, first of all, in the field of crime prevention, operational-search and investigation of crime;

to promote the legal awareness and scientific knowledge among the personnel of internal affairs bodies, citizens and social structures of the population;

to conduct scientific research on improving the quality of education and personnel training, to orient graduates to the profession, and to monitor service activities;

to develop mutually beneficial international cooperative relations in the field of education, to exchange experience with leading foreign educational institutions on personnel training, to introduce cooperative educational programs;

to coordinate the educational and methodological process of academic lyceums of the Ministry of internal affairs, to assist the academic lyceums practically and through information resources;

to coordinate and control the activities of the Academy’s branch(s) in terms of educational and methodological, scientific affairs and innovations, educational-disciplinary and international relations;

to improve and update the material and technical base in accordance with modern requirements and standards.

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