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Department of military training

This unit was created in 1978 as a department of Military-mobilization and special tactical training of the Tashkent High School of Militia. colonel G.Vasiliev was appointed as its head. In 1994, with the assignment of the status of the Academy to an educational institution, it was renamed the department of Military service and special tactical training. During this period, a new building was erected for the department. Since 2017, the unit operates as a department of Military training.

Over the years, the department was headed by colonel V.Yusupov, major-general H.Hadzhimatov, colonel S.Tangirberdiev, major D.Aloutdinov.

The department teaches the sciences “Military service training”, “Military service and special tactical training”, “Fire training”. In order to form profound knowledge and practical skills of the cadets were created special tactics rooms, military topography, civil defense, the theory of shooting and the weapon’s materiel, as well as an electronic shooting range. Cabinets are provided with necessary facilities and equipment; the shooting gallery has been completely updated. From year to year are updated lecture funds and methodical complexes of the department. On the basis of interactive teaching methods is widely used “the Nishon” e-shooting program.

At the department there are scientific circles in the sciences that taught, also a section of shooting from military weapons. The staff of the department prepared the textbooks “Civil defense”, “Fire training”, manuals “General tactics”, “Special Tactics”, “Civil defense”, “Drill training”, “Military training”, “Military topography”, “Military - special tactical and special training” etc.

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