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Department of administrative law

The department was established in 1974, originally taught such sciences as “Administrative law”, “Corrective labor legislation”, “Financial law”, “Judicial Accounting”. After reorganization in 2018, the division began to function again as a department of Administrative law.

Over the years, the department was headed by PhD in laws F.Kolontaevsky, PhD in law, associate professors H. Alimov, M.Shotursunov, R.Abyzov, A.Mahmudov, Ph.D. in law, U.Mukhamedov, PhD in law, associate professor N.Ismoilov, Z.Babakalanov, PhD in law, associate professors I.Sottiev.

The purpose of the department is to train specialists with higher education, possessing the necessary professional knowledge, practical skills and high qualifications, scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of administrative law, advanced training and retraining, a fundamental study of problems in administrative law, the introduction of the results of scientific research into practice.

At the department the following sciences are taught: “Administrative law”, “Provision of administrative responsibility by the internal affairs bodies” and “Administrative and jurisdictional activities of the road safety service”. Dissertations on actual issues were successfully defended during this period. For improving the Administrative Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been developed a number of proposals and recommendations. The textbook “Administrative law”, a course of lectures “Administrative Responsibility in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, a training manual “Samples of procedural documents on the conduct of cases of administrative violations” and other publications contribute to the training of qualified personnel.

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