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The Department of forensic sciences

The Department of forensic sciences is considered a specialized department major in the training of professional personnel for internal affairs bodies.

Subjects taught by the department:

forensic sciences;

ensuring the activity of forensic sciences;

fundamentals of digital forensics;

forensic sciences and psychiatry;

basics of first aid and valeology;

financial forensics.

Interactive methods and advanced approaches of education are widely introduced in the department. In order to ensure harmony of theory and practice during the training process, close cooperation has been established with structural units and regional divisions of the Ministry of internal affairs, the Republican center for forensic expertise as well as with leading educational institutions.

 Some publications by the team:

“Dactyloscopic expertise” (textbook);

“Trasological expertise” (textbook);

“Forensic psychiatry” (textbook);

“Simulation, aggravation, dissimulation” (monograph);

“Trasological study of traces left as a result of a traffic accident” (monograph);

“Trasological expertise related to traffic accidents” (training manual);

“Rules for formalizing expert opinions on forensic expertise” (training-methodological manual);

“Methodology of trasological examination of shoes and footprints” (training-methodological manual).

The scientific circle of talented cadets “Young forensic scientist” and the club “Communication” were established under the department. In addition, researches are carried out in such areas as digital forensics, dactyloscopy and portraiture, technical forensics research of documents and forensic homology, ballistics, cold weapon and trasological, medicine, forensic mobile laboratory in the special laboratories of the department.

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