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Department of criminalistic expertise

In 1996, the Faculty of Criminalistic Science was created at the Academy and in its structure the department of Criminalistic technology, criminalistic tactics and methods, ballistics, trasology, technical and criminalistic research of documents was formed. Two years later, instead of this faculty and its structural subdivisions began to function the chairs of criminology and criminalistic expertise. In 2004, these two structural units were joined to the chair of criminology. In 2015, it was reorganized into the chair of Criminalistic expertise.


The department for the full-time courses provides teaching of the following sciences:

  • “Criminalistic technology”
  • “Ballistics”
  • “Fingerprint examination”
  • “Trasological examination”
  • “Handwriting examination”
  • “Technical and Criminalistic examination of documents»
  • “Criminalistic activities”
  • “Technical and Criminalistic support of investigative actions and operational and search activities”



Currently, the chair has established effective cooperation with the practical bodies of internal affairs, the Republican Center of criminalistic examination named after Khadicha Sulaymonova and the Tashkent State Law University.


In recent years, a number of educational publications have been prepared, in particular, the textbooks “Fingerprint examination”, “Trasological examination”, “Ballistics”, teaching aids “Fingerprint examination”, “Trasological examination of Shoes and Footprints”, “Collection of samples of the conclusions of the fingerprinting examination”, “Collection of samples of the conclusions of ballistic examination”, “Inspection of the scene”, “Errors in the conduct of Criminalistic examination”, “Criminalistic investigation of abnormal cartridges”, “Recommendations for Criminalistic examination”, “Organization of the Criminalistic examination of law enforcement bodies”, “Technical and criminalistic ensuring of investigative actions and operational and search activities”.


Over the years, the department was headed by T.Aidarov, G.Karpushev, A.Shchegolev, B. Segal, A.Hudyakov, R.Shakurov, Sh.Hasanov.

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