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Department of operational-search activity

Initially, this chair was named the Chair of operational and search activity and special technics. Later it was renamed as the Chair of Operational Search Law and in 2017, it is named as the Chair of Operational-search Activity. The main purpose of the chair is to train qualified specialists in the field of operational and search activity for the internal affairs bodies, increasing their qualifications, professional skills and scientific potential.


The department provides full-time teaching of the following sciences:

  1. “Operational-search activity”
  2. “Working with assistants in operational and search activities”
  3. “Secrecy procedure”
  4. “Operational-search law”
  5. “Organization of search for vehicles”
  6. “Management of operational and search activity of the internal affairs bodies”
  7. “The secrecy and office work in the internal affairs bodies”


The department focuses on the introduction of advanced educational methods in the educational process. Practical training together with the internal affairs organs is an important factor in the training of specialists in the field of operational and search activities.


In recent years, the academic staff has prepared and published such textbooks, courses of lectures as “Operational-search activity in the internal affairs bodies”, “Secrecy in the internal affairs bodies”, “Work with assistants in the operational and search activity”, “Operational-search activity. General and Special Parts”, “Organization of the activities of the criminal investigation and counter-terrorism”, “Organization of the management of operational and search activities of the internal affairs bodies”, “Establishing and identifying the concealment and distribution of synthetic drugs”.


Over the years, the department was headed by PhD in Law, associate professor G.Ubaidullaev, Ph.D. in Law, associate-professor R.Saitbaev, A.Margunovskiy, Ph.D. in Law, associate professor B.Zakirov.

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