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The Department of crime prevention

The Department of crime prevention is considered a specialized department major in the training of professional personnel for internal affairs bodies.

Subjects taught by the department:

crime prevention activity of internal affairs bodies;

activity of the crime prevention inspector in conducting administrative offense cases;

probation activity;

crime prevention activity.

Interactive methods and advanced approaches of education are widely introduced in the department. In order to ensure harmony of theory and practice during the training process, close cooperation has been established with structural units and regional divisions of the Ministry of internal affairs, as well as with leading educational institutions.

Some publications by the team:

“Crime prevention” (textbook);

“Management of crime prevention activity of internal affairs bodies” (textbook);

“Improving the activity of internal affairs bodies in crime prevention among unorganized youth” (monograph);

“Improving the crime prevention related to domestic violence by internal affairs bodies” (monograph);

“The activity of crime prevention services of internal affairs bodies in reviewing the appeals of individuals and legal entities” (training manual);

“Mutual cooperation of crime prevention inspectors and public structures under citizens’ self-government bodies in working with families in a socially dangerous situation” (training manual);

“Regional methodology for the early prevention of crimes of intentional homicide and intentional bodily harm committed within the family” (methodical manual);

“Cooperation of the crime prevention inspector in ensuring public safety in the administrative area” (methodical manual);

“Samples of administrative procedural documents to be formalized on certain types of administrative offenses that violate the rights and freedoms of citizens and public order” (methodical manual);

“The activity of crime prevention inspectors in conducting cases on administrative violations” (course of lectures).

The scientific circle of talented cadets “Young crime prevention inspector” and the club “Communication” were established under the department.



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