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Department of combat and physical training

Originally, the department of Combat and physical training carried out its activity as a cycle of military, combat and physical training. In 1978, on the basis of the cycle, two independent departments were formed - military-mobilization and special-tactical training; combat and physical training. The staff of the department of combat and physical training was headed by the master of sports in athletics I.Chuvilin.

Over the years, the department was headed by Honored boxing trainer B.Granatkin, M.Utaev, Honored coach of Uzbekistan F.Pulatov, A.Kochkarov, international class master of sports A.Kurbonov and others.

Since independence, the department carried out large-scale work to further popularization of sport, support talented young people and create all necessary conditions for physical culture and sports. As a result of this activity, representatives of the educational institution began to win prizes at the republican, Asian and world championships in sambo, judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, weightlifting, free-style and Greco-Roman wrestling and other sports. Over the past years, representatives of the staff and cadets of the Academy have won about 500 medals at the Asian and World Championships, more than 100 of which are gold. Famous masters of sports - Akobir Kurbonov, Botir Usmonov, Fahriddin Pulatov, Latif Latipov, Marina Kodirova won the title of best coach of the year and best athlete of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Currently, the department of fighting and physical training functions sections of sambo, fighting sambo and judo, hand-to-hand fighting and free-style wrestling, service all-round and track and field athletics, football, volleyball. Classes are conducted by qualified teachers-trainers of the Academy, experienced masters of sports.

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