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Educational and methodical management

The educational-methodical department is a structural unit specializing in the organization and coordination of the educational process, which is responsible for the widespread application of modern teaching technologies and approaches in the educational process, improving the scientific potential and professional skills of teachers.


The main functions of the Board: 

Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on education, Presidential decrees, orders, decrees, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, decisions of the Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as orders of the head of the Academy in departments, faculties, centers; 

Delivering to cadets the content of decrees and resolutions adopted by the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan; 

ensuring the organization of educational work on the basis of state educational standards and the implementation of curricula; 

general management of all activities and staff of the department; 

improving the quality of lessons, ensuring and monitoring the implementation of individual plans of teachers;

development of proposals for the efficient use of classrooms, improving the technical equipment of classrooms and laboratories; 

providing and analyzing annual reports of departments, faculties and centers; 

preparation for the academic year and ensuring the structure of the annual work plan of the educational process 

ensuring and monitoring the distribution of educational workload in accordance with existing regulations; 

organization of work on creation, translation, provision of educational and methodical complexes of textbooks and educational-methodical literature in all departments, faculties and centers; 

ensuring the training, retraining and advanced training of teachers and specialists, the development and implementation of plans for professional development of teachers; 

providing all areas of education with curricula and science programs; 

ensuring the organization of training and basic internships of cadets (trainees); 

ensuring the implementation of modern rating systems for assessing the knowledge of cadets; 

ensuring the implementation of modern methods and tools for independent training of cadets; 

ensuring quality preparation of issues related to the educational process in a timely manner;

Ensuring the implementation of research results in the educational process of modern innovative pedagogical technologies, methods, new forms and means of teaching, best practices in the practical activities of pedagogical and sectoral services of law enforcement agencies; 

to study the views of professors and cadets on the state of the educational process, to prepare proposals for improving the process, the pedagogical activity of professors and cadets to master the specialized educational programs and create the necessary conditions for their creative independent activity.

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