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Editorial and publishing department

The history of the department begins in 1967, when the research and publishing group was formed within the structure of the Higher School. In 1974, it was reorganized a research and publishing department. The deputy head of the High School for scientific work was the head of the department.

In the same year, a three-member editorial and publishing staff was formed as part of the research and publishing department. During 1974-1994 years, the division was headed by Ph.D. in Law, Senior Researcher M.Kerzhner. In 1983, the post of proofreader was introduced to the department staff.

With the formation of the Academy, the research and editorial and publishing department began to have the status of an independent unit and the post of head was introduced to the staff. Candidate of law, associate professor B.Zakirov was appointed to this position. In 1996, on the basis of the editorial and publishing group of the research and editorial department, a new structural unit was formed-editorial and publishing department. The department was initially headed by M.Kerjner, in 1999-2005 years headed by V.Kahn.

The main task of the editorial-publishing department is to ensure educational process of scientific and educational literature, teaching aids in accordance with the profile of training. Over the years, editorial staff of the department has edited and prepared for printing more than 3 thousand titles of literature. In addition, for several years, the scientific journal “Bulletin of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan” has been published.

The priority goal of the department is to increase personnel potential, the organization of high-quality editing and publication of literature in accordance with modern requirements. To this purpose, practical cooperation with the University of journalism and mass communication has been established.


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