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Test center

In 1999, the implementation of new pedagogical technologies in teaching and educational process, the analytical and monitoring division was organized in the structure of the training department. In 2004, this unit was turned into a Test center.


Over the past years, the center was led by Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences I.Karimov, O.Beknozov. In 2014, the Center was turned into a separate structural unit. The premises of the center were expanded and equipped with new computers. Nowadays, the center is connected to a single network, which makes it possible to take test tests for more than one hundred cadets. Computers are equipped with programs “TEST”, “SERVER”, “RAHBAR”.


The main tasks of the Center:

  • Acceptance of tests for officers when they are transferred to a higher position from their position, submission to the primary or next special rank, passing certification, conducting tests for spiritual-political and service and combat training for the year, as well as upon receipt of a qualification category;
  • acceptance of tests for candidates (applicants) who expressed a desire to be admitted to the internal affairs bodies, for full-time studies, the vocational training faculty, the managerial training faculty and the education by correspondence department based on materials that developed by the departments and chairs of the Academy corresponding the level of difficulties according to teaching and educational programs;
  • acceptance of test materials prepared by departments, services, chairs and cycles based on the requirements of the “Instructions on preparation of test materials and the procedure for their use at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan”;
  • taking into account the wide use of advanced innovation and information technologies, the implementation of monitoring and evaluation of the knowledge of full-time cadets and listeners, the faculty of vocational training, the faculty of leadership training, and the faculty of correspondence education;
  • organization of tests at the general academic stage of the Republican Student Subject Olympiad in general educational and special sciences;
  • analysis of the conformity of knowledge of students and students of the requirements of state educational standards of higher education in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • ensuring and monitoring the quality of education and training, impartiality, reliability and fairness of tests, grades and rating points;
  • conduct among the newly admitted students of cadets and students of tests for the study of personal individual psychological characteristics;
  • conducting psychological tests to identify abilities in areas of specialty;
  • monitoring of the conducted tests and the development of relevant recommendations.



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