Openness, оperativeness and objectivity
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Test center

The purpose of the test center is to ensure an objective and fair assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities of cadets (listeners) through the effective use of the test system through the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process.


      The main activities of the center:


control the compliance of test assignments on the basis of the center with the requirements of state educational standards, take the necessary measures to improve their quality and improve the database of test assignments;


organization and conduct of tests to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities of full-time students, part-time students and master's students in the subjects taught;


organization and conduct of tests to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates (applicants) wishing to enter the master's program of full-time, part-time education;


organization and conduct of theoretical and practical training for the formation of knowledge, skills and qualifications of teachers on the preparation of test assignments;


ensuring that tests are conducted in accordance with established procedures and rules, as well as the implementation of measures to maintain the confidentiality of test assignments;


organization and verification of the quality and effectiveness of education, objectivity, reliability and fairness of tests, assessments and rating points;


conducting tests on the study of individual psychological characteristics of the individual from the cadets and trainees admitted to study;

conducting psychological tests to determine the abilities of cadets in the field of specialization;


monitoring the conducted tests and developing appropriate recommendations, etc.

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