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Specialized council for awarding academic degrees

A specialized council for awarding academic degrees in an educational institution was established in 1993. This Council functioned until 2004, about 80 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended here.

Modern threats that manifest throughout the world actualize the scientific development of the problems of combating crime, the widespread introduction of their results into practice. The solution of this task is connected with the creation of a scientific council at the educational institution with great scientific potential to award the degree of doctor of science, organization of its activities based on the principles of legality, objectivity, openness, transparency and efficiency. In this regard, from January 1, 2018, the Specialized Council for awarding academic degrees was again established at the Academy.

By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Scientific Council on award of doctoral degrees of Doctor of Science (DSc) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in legal sciences was established, code of the Council was determined by DSc.27.06.2017.Yu25.01. The Council was given the authority to consider dissertations for a degree in specialties “12.00.08 – Criminal law, prevention of offenses. Criminology. Penal law” and “12.00.09 – The criminal process. Criminalistics, operational investigative law and forensic expertise”. In addition, by the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission, the staff of the commission for taking qualifying examinations on specialties and foreign (English) language was approved.

The activity of the Council serves to increase the effectiveness of fundamental and applied research on the improvement of organizational and legal mechanisms to combat crime in the country, the problems of crime prevention, operational search activities and the investigation of crimes.


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