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Office for organization and coordination of educational process

This structural unit was founded in 1965 as a department. In 2017, the de­partment achieved a status of the administration of organization and coordination of education­al process and expanded its activities. During the past years, the structural unit conducted its activities as a administration or as an office. In different periods, N.Ojiganov, V.Kuznetsov, R.Magdeev, V.Moskalenko, V.Guryanov, Sh.Ko­bilov, N.Mukhammadiyev, A.Tadzhiev and A.Pardiyev headed the administration. In 2017, the administration was renamed as administra­tion of organization and coordination of educa­tional process.


The administration organizes and mon­itors the educational process with the aim of training highly qualified specialists for the internal affairs bodies, it generalizes and analyzes the process of education carried out by the departments and other insti­tutions of higher education, introduces state-of-the-art methods of teaching, as well as, implements experience of practice of law-enforcement bodies, coordinates all activities related to the methodological endorsement, introduction of new educa­tional technologies into teaching process and modern teaching aids, moreover, it provides the best practices from internal affairs bodies, likewise, the cooperation with other sectorial and civil higher ed­ucational institutions in educational and methodical sphere.


The main functions of the administration are:

planing of training process;

planing curriculum, annual study schedule, syllabus based on state education­al standards and standard curricular;

development of curricula, entrance exams and final state attestation exams, fi­nal schedule, holding departmental and general academic classes and monitoring their implementation;

development of draft regulatory doc­uments (rules, instructions, orders, etc.) im­plementation and regulation of them in the educational process;

analysis of progress of the cadets’ and listeners’ studies and attendance;

organization and improvement of the educational process, implementation of measures to stimulate the staff;

development of plans and schedules of control over the educational process, en­suring their implementation;

development of measures for analysis of the status and results of pedagogical control;

correct and rational distribution of funds to the teaching rooms;

coordination of educational and me­thodical works of professor-teachers, analy­sis of its status based on the results;

analysis of the distribution of teaching materials of the chairs and their final report on the academic load of the school year;

systematic control over the activities of teaching and methodological approaches of the departments;

organization and management of edu­cational and methodological meetings, con­ferences and seminars, educational and me­thodical activities of the departments with other departments;

implementation of research results in the educational process on the basis of the latest innovative pedagogical technologies, methods, new forms and means of training, the application of best practices through in­volving practitioners of the internal affairs bodies to teaching activities;

study, generalization and implemen­tation of advanced educational experience;

conducting open lessons, test exams, implementation and educational control among Chairs and cycles;

analyze thoroughly cadets` opinion on the educational process, improving the teachers’ methods and assisting the cadets to acquire knowledge on specialized edu­cational programs, organizing creative-in­dependent work, preparing proposals for better conditions.


Currently, there are two departments and one group in the department. The administration of coordination and planning of the educational process modifies the introduction of new educa­tional technologies and the requirements of state educational standards into edu­cational process, prepares faculty sched­ules and long-term plan of subjects, mon­itors and analyzes the program of the ac­ademic year and semesters, effective con­duct of all types of classes for full-time education.


The main task of the administration is to introduce the curriculum, decisions of the Scientific Council, instructions of the administration of the Academy, orga­nization of development of new curricula, planning mid-term and final control, as well as, the schedule of the commission of the Final State Attestation, annual work-plan prospectus. The department plans the main organizational activities and tasks for the school year such as, timeta­ble of educational controls, mutual control and general academic open classes.


Monitoring educational process de­partment collects information on atten­dance and performance of full-time cadets and learners, organizes state attestation commissions, ensures the implementa­tion of curriculum, effectively organizes self-study classes, and delivers the guid­ance of the Academy administrations. In addition, the department streamlines excellent co-operation, in the study of best practices for their control with other higher educational institutions.


The group for educational process analysis deals with the system of anal­ysis and planning of educational activi­ties, the elimination of existing problems and shortcomings, develops improving proposals for further improvement and a set of management decisions to ensure the effectiveness of performance activi­ties, organizes the control and integrated verification of the activities of structural units, develops measures and remedies to eliminate the causes and conditions affecting the training and education pro­cess conducted in structural divisions of the Academy.


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