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Training ground

In 1974, the military training center of Tashkent High School of Militia was founded. At that time, the Center was part of the department of military and physical training, the head was colonel G. Vasiliev. In a short time, all necessary conditions for students were created in the center. After acquiring the status of the Academy, the posts of the head and his deputy were established at the training center. The educational and material bases of the center was completely updated, new 4 barracks, a canteen for 650 people, and a checkpoint were built and put into the process.


The main objectives of the training ground:

- improvement of the training of students and cadets in the relevant specialty (areas);

- improvement the quality of education, vocational guidance of cadets through practical exercises, using modern educational technologies;

- providing conditions for conducting classes in relevant sciences based on the interaction of theory and practice and in the context of a real operational situation;

- provide professional skills and the abilities in the specialty (areas);

- development of skills for organizing cooperation with other sectorial services in the performance of relevant operational, professional and other tasks of the internal affairs organs;

- Flexible schedule for students and cadets to adapt to the performance of official duties in the practice of the internal affairs bodies;

- increase working reputation and promoting work in the internal affairs bodies.


There are “modular” barracks in the Academy’s training area that meet modern international military standards, which are designed using safe sandwich panels using new technologies, making it possible to maintain a stable room temperature at any time of the year, an indoor sports complex and a modern sports camp for training hand-to-hand fighting, three lecture halls, information and resource centers, psychological rehabilitation rooms, an open shooting area for conducting real combat and service weapons; medical center, operational headquarters and other facilities.


The management of the position in different years were carried out by E.Niyazaliyev, M.Sidikov, K.Saydov, A. Adamurodov, K.Sharipov, D.Sattarov. Nowadays the head of the training ground lieutenant-colonel М.Eshnazarov.

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