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Educational-combat unit

The Educational-combat unit carries out its activities on the basis of the General Military Regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders and decrees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the head of the Academy.


      The functions of this structure are:


to carry out the daily life and activities of cadets in accordance with the agenda established by the Academy and to create the necessary conditions for their residence and education;


to educate cadets as spiritually rich and well-developed individuals with a scientific outlook and ability to think independently;


fostering high discipline in cadets, the duty and personal responsibility to protect the Republic of Uzbekistan, raising the sense of unparalleled loyalty to its people;


to instill in cadets a sense of loyalty to the oath, strict observance of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan;


formation of high moral and combat qualities in cadets and organization of ranks training.




    The main functions of the Educational-combat unit:


to ensure that each cadet knows and conscientiously fulfills the requirements of the agenda set at the Academy, as well as to organize regular monitoring, the educational process, the organization of other activities of daily activities;


realization of requirements and needs of cadets for intellectual, cultural, spiritual and enlightenment development and identification of unique talents, their involvement in art, scientific and sports circles and creation of conditions for professional development and perfection;

to perform conscientious and honest work for the future of our Motherland, to respect national and universal values, to feel responsible to the people, to form in them the qualities of devotion and a number of other functions.


      The Educational-combat unit organizes the service in strict accordance with the agenda approved by the head of the Academy.


      In order to study in depth the ongoing reforms in the country, in accordance with the requirements of decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the service has been radically improved, to explain to cadets the essence of these regulations and Systematic work is being done to achieve this goal.

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