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Combatant service

In 1974, for the first time in Tashkent Higher School of Militia was formed a combatant service. Over the years, the unit was led by colonel A.Dorokhov, colonel V.Yusupov, colonel G.Alimov, colonel Z.Najmiddinov and major general H.Khojimatov.

In 2004, educational courses were organized on the basis of the combatant service. For several years, courses have been guided by colonel I.Ikramov, colonel J.Nosirov, colonel A.Ilhamov, colonel A.Egamberdiev, colonel A.Abdurahmonov, Lieutenant colonel O.Nurmetov, R.Otajonov. N.Saidov, F.Stepanov, S.Nam, N.Zhdanov, G.Akhundzhanov, M.Zhumaev, M.Ursaki, F.Zhuraev, T.Yulchiev, M.Utaev, I.Matmusaev, R.Omonov, I.Niyozov, S.Mansurov, R.Otajonov, Z.Kholikov, Z.Khasanov, S.Isomiddinov, B.Kuvondikov, M.Ochilov, Ch.Egizbekov, D.Aloutdinov and others.

The combatant service of the Academy conducts its activities on the basis of the General Military Charters of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Head of the Academy. The main purpose of the combatant service is to train highly qualified specialists with spiritual and moral qualities, the formation of physical and combat training of cadets, as well as knowledgeable and skillful personnel to the internal affairs bodies.


The main tasks of the line unit:

- Training highly qualified specialists for law enforcement bodies with modern practical knowledge and skills;

- ensuring compliance with the rules of the daily routine, service discipline and existing students, the creation of decent conditions for recreation and life;

- formation of honest and conscientious work among cadets for the benefit of the future of our Motherland, respect for national and universal values, moral and psychological and fighting qualities, loyalty to their duty and oath of office, personal responsibility for the result of the work assigned; holding various cultural and educational events among the cadets, creating a positive psychological environment in the team;

- proceeding from the intellectual potential and abilities of cadets, their involvement in scientific, artistic and sports circles;

- establishment among officers and cadets in the norms of publicity, trust and justice, etc.


The deputy commander of the front unit for educational work, the heads of courses and the combat officers are subordinate to the Head of the line unit. A separate section was organized for the girls studying at the educational institution. The service activities of the training courses are organized strictly according to the agenda approved by the Head of the Academy.

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