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Academy Council

The Academy Council is a collegial body operating on a permanent basis.


      The purpose of the Council is to ensure the efforts, intellectual potential and all other capabilities of the Academy staff to ensure the implementation of the tasks set out in the legislation on education and regulations of the Academy, to have excellent knowledge, skills focusing on the training of mature professionals.


The Council organizes its work according to the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, decisions and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of internal affairs, the Ministry of higher and secondary special education, the departmental normative legal documents of the Ministry of innovative development and on the basis of regulations. It carries out its activities on the basis of the principles of legitimacy, transparency, independence, free thought, a combination of collegiality and individualism, taking into account public opinion.


       The tasks of the Council are:


Implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the relevant regulations governing relations in the field of education in the activities of the Academy;


introduction of modern pedagogical technologies and advanced local and foreign experience in the educational process;


approval and modification of curricula, organization and control over their implementation;


training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, organization of fundamental, applied and innovative research;


Recommendation for publication of textbooks, manuals and monographs on specialties and electives;


identification of measures to improve the culture of reading, learning foreign languages, ensuring the integration of science, education and practice;


Development of cooperation of the Academy with foreign higher education institutions;


Encouragement of professors and teachers who achieve high results in their work and set an example;


to consider the issue of expulsion of a cadet (listener) from the ranks of cadets (listeners) for violation of the rules of etiquette, service discipline, inability to master the curriculum.


      Heads and deputies of the Academy, heads of faculties, departments, divisions, services are members of the council. In the event that managers in this position are transferred to another job, newly appointed or replaced employees of these positions shall be included in the board.


      The first deputy head of the Academy and the deputy head for scientific works are the vice-chairmen of the council. In the absence of the Chairman of the Council, the Council meeting shall be chaired by one of his deputies. The Scientific Secretary of the Council shall be appointed and dismissed by order of the Head of the Academy. As a rule, certified employees with an academic degree and at least five years of scientific and scientific-pedagogical experience may be appointed to the position of scientific secretary.

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