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Psychological center

The center began its activity in 2009 as part of the Chair of Psychology and Professional Ethics. Initially, the structural unit was named the Center for the rendering of psychological assistance. In 2014, it was reorganized as an independent Center in the structure of the Personnel Service. Over the years, the staff was headed by a doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor R.Makhmudov, a candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor E.Agzamova and I.Hakimova.

The main task of the Center is to increase the level of psychological training of personnel, prevent emotional stress among officers, provide their psychological stability, provide permanent and variable personnel with qualified counseling, methodological, psychological, psycho-correctional assistance in socio-psychological adaptation to professional activity in teaching and educational issues.

Currently, the Center carries out psychodiagnostic, psycho-rehabilitation, advisory, methodological and psycho-correctional work in order to provide diagnostic, advisory, psycho-prophylactic assistance to personnel, and to develop and implement individual and group correctional training programs, carries out measures to the study of the level of intellectual abilities of candidates entering service and study, psychologically inspections staff serving with the weapon, to determine their psychological and emotional state, exposure to negative emotions.

In addition, psychological relief rooms for studying and preserving the psychological health of personnel have been created here.

Textbooks prepared together with the staff of the Chair of Psychology of Professional Activity, as well as training modules “Psychological features of the manifestation of emotional-volitional personality traits”, “Using psychological methods in inspection of vehicles and citizens at the checkpoint”, “Psychological features of working with victims of the auction and people” contribute to the psychological knowledge of cadets and listeners.


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