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Department of educational work

The department of educational work of the Academy was established in 1994. Over the years, the department was headed by P.Ortikov, V.Rezenko, R.Ochildiev, A.Nosirov, H.Mirpulatov, A.Yakubov, O.Ilkhomov, N.Butunboev, J.Tursunov, A.Turakhujaev, M.Komilov, A.Djahonov.

The main purpose of the department is to increase the effectiveness of spiritual enlightenment and educational work carried out among personnel aimed at developing high feelings of patriotism, devotion to Motherland, respect for national values, involvement in large-scale renewal processes taking place in our country, increasing social and political activity of the staff, development of spiritual, moral and professional qualities.


The department carries out its activities in close cooperation with combatant services, chairs, services, departments, public organizations on the basis of the principles of legality, humanism, respect for the individual and social justice.


The main tasks of the department:

  • organization and control over the implementation of individual educational work carried out among personnel;
  • the formation and development of professional and moral qualities and legal world outlook of the staff;
  • strengthening service discipline and rule of law among staff in the process of educational work;
  • organization of cultural leisure of staff;
  • rendering assistance to staff, veterans, families of Academy officers who died while fulfilling their duties, officers who became disabled and members of their families;
  • organization at a high level of general academic spiritual, educational and mass sports events;
  • organization and control over the conduct of classes of spirituality and enlightenment conducted for personnel.


The department makes proposals to the administration of the Academy about awarding officers who are exemplary in service, state awards, breastplate of the Ministry, their moral and material incentives. In addition, it conducts official investigations into the facts of offenses committed by members of the personnel, studies and analyzes the causes and conditions of their commission. At the department there are the Museum of the Academy, Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment and amateur artistic group.

The amateur artistic group was formed in order to increase the interest of the youth of the Academy to art, to realize the creative potential of officers and cadets, brings together talented performers of songs, dances, key actors, artists in words. In order to organize the cultural leisure of the staff, they regularly organize artistic events and concert programs with the participation of poets, writers and famous artists.

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