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Department of coordina tion scientific research activities

The department of organization of research activities was opened in 2017.


      The purpose of the department is to organize the coordination of research activities of professors, doctoral students and researchers, cadets and students.


      Tasks of the department:


- Ensuring the organization of research activities of departments, faculties of postgraduate education and other structures, as well as the process of training scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff;


- organization and coordination of fundamental, applied and innovative research;


- Organization of research activities of cadets.


      The department performs the following functions to perform the tasks assigned to it:


- Control and coordination of research activities of departments, faculties and other structures;


- identification and organization of research topics of fundamental, applied and innovative research;


- Coordination of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff at the department, cycle and faculty;


- Take measures to involve cadets in research activities;


- The organization of scientific circles of cadets on the disciplines taught at the departments, the organization and coordination of their work;


- Participation in the organization and conduct of science Olympiads among cadets;


- Participation in the preparation of cadets for the Republican Student Science Olympiads;


- Organization and coordination of international, national, academy, departmental and interdepartmental conferences, seminars and roundtables;


- Cooperation in the field of research with related higher education institutions and organizations in the country;

- Coordination of cooperation between the department and departments in the field of research; organization and accounting of the application of research results in the activities of law enforcement agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the educational process;


- Formation of doctoral dissertation topics and participation in the examination of draft doctoral dissertations and draft regulations;


- Defining the directions of scientific schools in the research activities of departments and coordination of the results of scientific research in this area;


- Recommendation of professors, doctoral students and independent researchers, cadets and students of higher education institutions to participate in scientific conferences.

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