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Human resource department

The department was established in 1967, in different years it functioned as a personnel department. The department was headed by Sh.Shoyusupov, D.Yusupov, I.Drozdov, A.Nikonov, M.Kosimov, T.Tuychiev, V.Mikhalchuk, Z.Polatov, T.Hoshimov, B.Khamrayev, J.Kamalkhodjaev, M.Gafurov, and A.Alibekov. Since 2017, the department is named as the human resource department.


The main tasks of the department:

  • organization of the service of the staff, selection and placement of personnel, the formation of their reserve and improving the quality of personnel;
  • registration of service by officers, as well as the assignment of special and military ranks;
  • taking measures to strengthen professional discipline and law among personnel;
  • increasing the service, combat and physical training of personnel;
  • the improvement of the organizational structure of the educational institution, the correct and effective use of selected stately units;
  • personnel reporting, its analysis, etc.


the staff of the department is working to improve the quality of service, recruitment of vacant positions with qualified specialists among professor teachers who have advanced degrees.

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