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Information technology and communication department

Тhe history of this structural unit began in 1967 as the department of technical means and communications of the Tashkent Higher School. With the assignment of the status of the Academy to educational institution, the department was reorganized. The staff of the department was headed by B. Latifkhujaev. In 2004, the subdivision was renamed the department of technical means of education, a liaison office was introduced into its structure. In 2017, the department was united with the laboratory of multimedia and information technology and renamed the department of information technology and communications.


Over the years, the department was headed by A.Kolyako, R.Toshtemirov, A.Khamidov, S.Asyamov, N.Seytimbetov, T.Butunbayev. The material and technical base of the educational institution was equipped with modern technologies and facilities. Lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with equipments that promote the use of advanced teaching methods.


Currently, under the department has communications and information technology departments. The purpose of the department is the introduction of modern information and educational technologies into the educational process and research activities, the effective use of technical means, the use of a communication system and the rendering of technical services.


Main tasks of the Department are:

  • information security of the Academy;
  • provision of educational institution with high-quality technical equipment;
  • promotion of educational activities information and educational tools;
  • maintaining the official website and the informational and educational portal of the Academy;
  • ensuring the smooth operation of the radio and wired communication systems;
  • assistance in distribution of electronic versions of publications prepared by the teaching staff in Internet resources;
  • maintaining the necessary fund of programs necessary for the official, methodological and research activities of personnel;
  • providing electronic use of staff of local and global network resources;
  • design development, programming and technical support of the official website of the Academy;
  • development of educational online projects, their technical support and maintenance;
  • assistance in repairing computers connected to the Academy’s local network;
  • implementation of the corresponding
  • work with IP addresses allocated to the structural units connected to the local network;
  • control of the technical condition of all technical means used in the educational process;
  • study of the possibilities of advanced teaching aids and the organization of their introduction into practice;
  • providing methodological assistance in the application of technical means of education in classes held in lecture halls.


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