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Orchestra of the academy

An amateur orchestra of students was organized at the Tashkent Higher School in 1981, on the initiative of Yu. Niyazov. The group gathered gifted students with musical knowledge. After a year, with the participation of an amateur orchestra, various activities began to be held at the school.

After independence, orchestra was formed among professional musicians.

The activity of the Academy’s orchestra as a professional creative staff is inextricably linked with the life of educational institution, which helps to master the skills of a martial arts, raise the morale, and educate personnel through musical art. When the orchestra created a separate ensemble, in the repertoire of which a special place is occupied by national classical melodies and world music.

Today, every event, such as oath ceremony or a graduation ceremony, various cultural and educational events take place with the participation of them.

Nowadays, the head of the orchestra is lieutenant-colonel Kh.Nazarov.

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