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Organizational department

This structural unit was organized in 2004 under the name of the Headquarters of the Academy. Over the years, the department was headed by G.Alimov, Ch.Khujanov, A.Usmonov, R.Toshtemirov, F.Islomov, I.Dadakhonov, B.Naberaev and A.Pirmatov.


As a result of the reforms carried out in the system of internal affairs bodies, it was first named the organizational and informational-analytical department. In 2018, it was reorganized as an organizational department. It consisted of the Duty office, Secretariat and Legal support staff. This department organizes the daily activities of the educational institution, develops a set of guidelines to ensure the effectiveness and coordination of the activity of all departments.



The duty office as a main structural unit of the Academy performs the following functions:

  • coordination of activity of all structural divisions of the Academy in all branches and ensuring their interconnection;
  • maintaining safety, order of arrival, care and readiness of personnel on special plans;
  • mutual cooperation with other departments, services of the Academy in strengthening discipline and order;
  • continuous monitoring of operational situation and adoption of appropriate measures as it changes;
  • improvement of the activities of the duty unit;
  • coordination of forces and facilities of the Academy in case of emergency.



This structural unit was organized in 1981 on April 3. Over the years, the unit was headed by O.Asadkhujayev, L.Tkachuk, A.Ivanov, K.Esman, M.Hoshimjonov, F.Polatova. In 2017-2018, this structural unit conducted its activity as a department for working with individuals and legal entities and clerical work.

The main tasks of the Secretariat are:

  • Creating conditions for implicit fulfillment of the rights and freedoms of individuals, interests of individuals and legal entities in the sphere of application;
  • Reception of representatives of physical and legal entities, organization and conduction of full, impartial and timely consideration of their appeals;
  • Providing a unified system office work management;
  • The adoption of measures to preserve official and state secrets and secrecy;
  • General management of the clerical and structural divisions ensuring secrecy, organization and coordination of their activities.



The group was organized in 2004 in order to support rule of law in the activities of the structural divisions of the Academy. In order to maintain the legal side of contractual, lawsuit cases, legal protection of property and other interests of the Academy in courts and other institutions, a legal bureau was established. In 2007, the structural unit became known as the legal support group. Over the years, K.Baratov, R.Nazirov, R.Shakurov, M.Kalandarov, D.Sattararov worked as legal counsel.


The main focus of the legal support group is organization of the priority of law and legality in law enforcement activities of the Academy, control over the compliance of regulatory documents and other documents, participation in law-making activities, coordination of activities of other departments in the preparation of proposals for improvement of legislation, improvement of legal culture and legal literacy of the staff.


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