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Higher education

Graduates of academic lyceums of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, military academic lyceums, as well as employees of internal affairs bodies and assistants of crime prevention inspectors are admitted to the full-time bachelor’s degree of the Academy.

Admission is carried out through a special professional selection and an individual interview based on openness criteria, organized under the leadership of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Graduates of academic lyceums of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, winners of the structural Olympiad in law will be enrolled in the Academy only according to a special professional selection (they are exempted from individual interviews in law, history of Uzbekistan and education).

Boys and girls who admitted to full-time education are given the status of cadets, and from the first year they are they are directed to the perfect acquisition of skills in specialties and legal sciences, combat and physical training.

Full-time education is provided in the following specialties:

investigative activity;

operational search activity;

crime prevention activities;

forensic activities;

execution of criminal penalties;

educational and psychological support of service activities;

organizational and staff activities.

In addition, the Nukus branch of the Academy has been established, and from the 2022/2023 academic year, the branch plans to conduct full-time study in the form of full-time undergraduate programs. Candidates for study at the branch are initially selected from persons permanently residing in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region, and then in other regions of the republic. Graduates of the branch will be awarded a diploma for graduates of the Academy.

The term of full-time undergraduate studies at the Academy is 3 (three) years, graduates are awarded a higher education (“lawyer”) and a special rank of “lieutenant” (or “senior lieutenant”)

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