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Medical service

The medical and sanitary department was established in 1974. When the higher school received the statute of the Academy, the number of officers of the medical department reached 15 members and its material and technical base was strengthened. But besides the head of the department, all medical workers were civilians. Since 1998, all officers have been gradually certified and were introduced narrow specialists.

Today, there is an infirmary, an isolator, a physiotherapeutic, a dental, a dressing and a treatment room at the medical department. A surgeon, a therapist, a skin venereologist, a dentist and other specialized physicians provide qualified medical assistance to the staff.

The staff employs medical workers with many years of practical experience and qualifications. In order to provide qualified assistance, the medical department has a new dental equipment, cardiofax, aquadistiller, multifunctional beds, medical equipment and a hydrothermalizer for a bandaging. An outpatient surgery service is organized. The staff of the medical department conducts preventive work aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among staff of regular and variable composition.

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