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Chair of criminal and penal-executive law

In 1974, the Department of Criminal law and Procedure was established at the Tashkent Higher School. In 1993, an independent criminal law department was established on the basis of this department.

During these years the staff was headed by candidate of law, associate professor A. Mikhaylyants, candidate of law, associate professor M. Khomenker, candidate of law, associate professor V. Bykov.

In 2017, on the basis of the Department of criminal law a Department of criminal and penal-cxecutive law was established. The department provides training for law enforcement bodies of modern, highly qualified personnel, carries out the teaching of the following sciences: “Criminal law”, “Criminal executive law”, “Criminal policy and its implementation in the activities of the internal affairs bodies”, “Activities of the internal affairs bodies on the execution of sentences”. The department focused on the further improvement of research activities. As a result, dozens of young scientists and independent candidates successfully defended their dissertations on topical issues of criminal and penal-executive law. The work is well-organized on implementation of mentoring, which is manifested in the effectiveness of scientific research of young scientists of the department. The circle created at the department unites many gifted cadets. Among them candidates participate in republican contests and quizzes. In recent years, the department’s staff has published textbooks on “Criminal law” (General and Special Parts), “Qualification of offences”, a number of monographs and textbooks.

The staff was headed by A.Yakubov, R.Kabulov, A.Otajonov, D.Payziev.


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