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Department of social and economic sciences

The Department of Social and Economic Sciences was organized in 2017. This structural unit was created as a result of the unification of three departments - the department of humanitarian and social and economic sciences, the department of theory and practice of building democratic society in Uzbekistan and the department of medical training.


Before the unification, structural units in different years were headed by M.Nurmatov, B.Kononenko, B.Tuychiev, F.Abdurahmonov, doctor of sciences in history, professor M.Rizayev, Ch.Saidov, J.Botaev, A.Аrtikov and others.


The department provides teaching of the following sciences in full-time education: “Philosophy”, “Theory of economics”, “Judicial accounting”, “National idea and strategy of Uzbekistan”, “Civil society”, “Fundamentals of first aid and valeology”, “Forensic medicine and psychiatry”. In addition, for listeners of the faculty of managerial training, the following subjects are taught:“National idea and art of anadministrator”,“Philosophy of law”,“Oratorical art of anadministrator”,“Financial and economic activity of the internal affairs”.


The teaching staff of the department conducts classes in accordance with state educational standards with the use of interactive teaching methods. In recent years, the department’s fund has been enriched with such textbooks and teaching aids as “Philosophy”, “Sociology”, “Philosophy of law”, “Oratorical skill of the administrator”, “Theory of Economics”, “Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan”, “Fundamentals of spirituality”, “Democracy: questions and answers”, “Democracy: scientific and explanatory dictionary”, “First medical aid”, “Forensic medicine”, “Forensic psychiatry”, “Fingerprint expertise”, “Forensic medicine and psychiatry”, etc.


Every year in the scientific circles “Tarakkiyot”, “Istiklol”, functioning at the department, gifted students are selected, who prepare for republican subject olympiads in the sciences“Idea of national independence: basic concepts and principles”, “Theory of economics”.

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