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Department of psychology of ser vice activity

This structural unit was established in 1996 and functioned as a department of psychology in the activities of the internal affairs bodies, psychology and pedagogy in the activities of the internal affairs bodies, psychology and professional ethics, psychology and pedagogy. In 2017, it was transformed into the specialized department of the psychology of service activities.


The department provides teaching of the following sciences for the full-time courses:

  • “History of Psychology”
  • “General Psychology”
  • “Practical work on general psychodiagnostics and experimental psychology”
  • “Social Psychology”
  • “Professional Psychology”
  • “The organization of psychological services in the activities of internal affairs bodies and psychological consultation”
  • “Psychology of deviant behavior”
  • “Age and pedagogical psychology”
  • “Pedagogy”
  • “Pedagogy. Psychology”
  • “Psychology of operational-search activity”
  • “Psychology of crime prevention activities”
  • “Psychology of investigative activity”
  • “Pedagogical psychology”
  • “Age and differential psychology”


Providing the foundation of the department with dozens of publications such as: “Professional psychology”, “Legal socialization of the person: theory and practice”, “Professional and psychological training of internal affairs agencies”, “Psychology of a fanatical person”, “Practicum in legal psychology”, “Penitentiary psychology», promotes the learning of necessary knowledge by cadets.


At present, members of the chair conduct scientific research to improve the professional and psychological training of employees of internal affairs bodies. The establishment of scientific and practical cooperation with a number of higher educational institutions promotes the mutual exchange of experience and improvement of the quality of education. At the chair effectively functions the scientific circle of cadets “Psychology of service activity”.


The department was headed by R.Makhmudov, D.Yusubov, N.Muhammadiev.

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