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Department of crime prevention

The structural unit as a chair of crime prevention activities was established in 2004. Currently, the department trains qualified lawyers for law enforcement bodies with the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the field of crime prevention.


The department provides teaching in full-time and correspondence courses of the following sciences:

  • “Crime prevention”
  • “Preventive activity of the internal affairs bodies”
  • “Activities for the prevention and detection of crimes”
  • “The activities of crime prevention inspectors on conduction of administrative offenses”


At the managerial training faculty the following science is taught: “Management of preventive activities of the organs of internal affairs”


In recent years, special attention has been paid to conducting studies in close connection with practice. To this purpose under the chair “Exemplary base station of the internal affairs bodies” was established, also at the base stations of the internal affairs bodies special branches of the chair in Mirzo-Ulugbek and Yashnabad districts of the capital were organized. The activity of the Circle “Young crime prevention inspector” contributes to the deepening of cadets’ knowledge.


The scientific research activities being carried out at the chair along with the improvement of the system of training specialists, significantly contributes to the elimination of problems and deficiencies in the field of crime prevention.


Over 600 scientific and educational literature, monographs and teaching aids were published by the academic staff of the chair.


Over the years, the department was headed by Z. Zaripov, I. Ismoilov, M. Ziyodullaev, Zh. Mukhtorov.

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