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Department of preliminary investigation and criminalistics

Previously, the department of Criminal Procedure Law carried out training of specialists in the investigative direction. In 2015, an independent chair of preliminary investigation and criminalistics was established.


The department provides full-time teaching of the following sciences:

“Preliminary investigation” “Criminalistics tactics” “Criminalistics methodology” “Methods of investigation of crimes”

At the of managerial training faculty the following science is taught: “Management of investigative devices in the internal affairs bodies”


The purpose of the department is to train highly qualified specialists and scientific and pedagogical personnel in the investigation of criminal cases, increase their professional skills and scientific potential, conduct scientific research aimed at studying fundamental and applied problems, on the basis of research, develop scientifically based proposals for improving legislation and law enforcement. Practice. The staff of the chair widely applies modern forms and methods of teaching, advanced pedagogical and information and communication technologies. Classes are held along with qualified teachers of the chair specialists with extensive practical experience. The chair is provided with the necessary educational and methodical base and literature. Organization of classes with the use of advanced interactive teaching methods helps to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and skills of students. Members of the chair’s staff, along with conducting research on topical issues, improve their skills in educational institutions in foreign countries.

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