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Department of learning languages

In 1968, the department of Russian and Foreign Languages was established in the structure of the Tashkent Higher School of Militia, the head of the department was V.Revtov, a candidate of philological sciences. In 1989, with the adoption of the Law “On State Language”, the Uzbek Higher School of Militia began teaching Uzbek language (later a course in Uzbek literature was also included). In 1999, the division was divided into two independent departments - the Uzbek language and literature and foreign languages. In 2004, these independent departments were joined and a department of languages and literature was created. In 2015, it was renamed as the Department of learning languages.

Over the years, the department was headed by Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor D.Zaynutdinova, Candidate of philological sciences M.Rustamov.

The purpose of the department is to train personnel for internal affairs bodies acquiring state and Russian languages, have a high culture of speech and communication, and able to freely use a foreign language in their professional activities. The department conducts classes in English, Russian and Uzbek languages.

In recent years, in order to increase the scientific potential, the department conducts theoretical studies on current problems of linguistics. Department’s fund is filled with textbooks in English, German, French, Uzbek and Russian, manuals “German Language”, “My profession is a lawyer”, “Lessons to develop oral speech”, “Learning Russian language”, “Cases of uzbek and russian languages”, “Collection exercises in Russian language”, “My specialty”, “English”, “Detective stories”, “English textbook for independent reading”, “Learning English with games”, “Learning English with diagrams and tables”, “Stylistic models of procedural documents”, “Language of the specialty”, “The Law and The Police”, etc.

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