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Department of civil and legal sciences

This department functions since 1976. Over the years, the department was headed by Ph.D. in laws E. Boush, O.Mukhamedzhanov, Ph.D. in law, associate professor Sh.Asyanov, Ph.D. in law I.Tulteev, doctor of law, professor in Z.Kholmuminov, Ph.D. in laws M.Turgunov, doctor of law, associate professor O.Kamalov and candidate of law sciences, associate professor N. Ismoilov.

Since Uzbekistan has gained its independence, the sovereign republic faced the problem of developing a new civil law, which is the legal basis of property relations. To solve this important task, a state commission was created, in which members of the department were included. They made a significant contribution to the development of civil legislation, the formulation of the basic prerequisites, goals and objectives of its reform, to the theoretical development of the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan which was later adopted.

At the department the following sciences are taught: “Civil and family law”, “Environmental law”, “Labor law”, “Financial law” and “Civil procedure”. The professional and teaching staff of the department uses in the educational process innovative educational technologies, modern tools and advanced teaching methods. Over the past years dozens of candidate and doctoral dissertations have been defended for increasing the scientific potential. In order to ensure the educational process the professional and teaching staff published teaching, scientific and theoretical works. These include “General characteristics and comments on the first part of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, “Ecology and law”, “Civil and family law”, “Labor law”, “Environmental law”, “Civil procedure”, “Family law” and etc.

The department pays special attention to the process of preparing young scientific and pedagogical personnel of the Academy. For these purposes is functioning the scientific circle of cadets.

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