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Department of state-legal sciences

This structural unit was established in 2017 on the basis of the departments of the Theory of state and law, Theory and practice of human rights and constitutional law.

Over the years, the team was headed by A.Magrupov, DSc in law, professor R.Kayumov, A.Dzaparov, PhD in law sciences K.Djumabaev, doctor of law, professor H.Odilkoriev.

The level of higher legal education depends on the state and quality of training in fundamental sciences. Courses taught in the department are basic in the system of sciences that are teaching in the Academy. The activity of the department serves the training of qualified personnel for law enforcement bodies. The department along with teaching sciences such as the “Theory of state and law”, “History of state and rights”, “Theory and practice of human rights”, contributes to the formation of the legal worldview of future lawyers.

At the department for the full-time cadets are taught the sciences “Constitutional law”, “Religious studies. Islamic law”, “Theory of State and law”, for the listeners of the faculty of leadership training - teaching module “International cooperation in the fight against crime”. Over the years, more than 200 textbooks, textbooks, monographs have been published, including “Theory of State and law”, “History of State and law”, “Commentary on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, “Constitution and civil society”, “Political culture” and etc. The department discusses and reviews doctoral dissertations in the specialty “Theory and history of state and law; history of legal doctrines”.

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