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Group press servise

The Academy press group started its activity on December 27, 2011. This unit was formed in order to ensure the openness and transparency of the Academy, to inform the community and the public about the reforms carried out in the education system.


Tasks of the press group are:

  • wide media coverage of the life of the Academy, reforms carried out in the educational process, achievements in this field;
  • communicating to the public through the media information about spiritual, educational, mass cultural, sport events, scientific conferences and round tables held in educational institution, organizing press conferences and briefings;
  • formation of a positive opinion of the public about the educational institution through legal propaganda;
  • media coverage of the activities of teachers, mentors, staff, taking the initiative in the educational process, achieving high results in teaching, as well as the achievements of cadets and students;
  • in order to enhance the authority of the Academy, systematic preparation of cycles of broadcasts, reports, documentaries and articles.


The press group effectively collaborates with the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan, republican and departmental newspapers and magazines, as well as with a number of non-state non-commercial television channels and Internet resources. The radio station “Youths of Academy” functions under the press group. A social-political, spiritual-educational newspaper is regularly published under the title “Youth of Academy”.


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