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Financial and economic dep artment

The history of the structural unit begins in 1976 when a financial department was organized in the economic department consisting of three people. In 1980, this structural unit became a financial planning department.


In 2004-2005, the department acted as a financial and economic department. In 2011, the post of senior specialist-economist was introduced to the department. In 2017, the department acquired the status of the financial and economic department and positions of the head accountant, departments for setting wages and payroll, accounting for material assets, reporting and analytical department and others were established. Over the years, the collective was led by K.Rezvanov, G.Rakhmatullaev, Yu.Khojimurodov, O.Siddikov, Yu.Birkin, F.Galimov, I.Lyamzenko, T.Kayumova, M.Mirpulatova, N.Maksyutova.


The main tasks of the department are:

  • maintaining and controlling accounting guided on the bases of regulatory documents;
  • providing and monitoring the targeted use of budgetary funds;
  • development of cost estimates, ensuring its execution, economical use of funds;
  • timely execution of settlement operations with legal entities and individuals arising during the period of execution of the estimated work;
  • timely calculation of wages or payments equivalent to disbursment, scholarships to staff and cadets on the basis of established rules;
  • calculation and payment of travel and other payments;
  • analysis of financial, economic and accounting activities;
  • inventory of cash, settlements and materal values, as well as other assets.
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