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Faculty of correspondence education

The Faculty of Correspondence Education was reorganized in 2018.

The faculty prepares highly qualified, spiritually and morally mature lawyers for law enforcement agencies, highly educated lawyers in law enforcement, crime prevention, public order and public safety.


The main tasks of the faculty: 

to educate students as highly cultured, socially active, honest and disciplined employees capable of maintaining law and order and public safety and conscientiously protecting the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens; 

formation in students of professional psychological knowledge and skills necessary for law enforcement officers; 

providing combat-physical, special and mental training of students aimed at the formation of professional skills; 

to achieve the adaptation of listeners to complex situations in the shortest possible time, the acquisition of moral and spiritual, spiritual qualities and characteristics aimed at making the right decisions in non-standard situations; 

quality control of mastering and preparation of students, monitoring of the educational process; 

effective use of distance learning methods in the educational process; 

introduction of national and foreign experience, modern forms of education and pedagogical methods in the educational process;

cooperation with the relevant sectoral services of law enforcement agencies, departments and other structures of the Academy in order to effectively organize the educational process; 

strengthening and updating the material and technical base of the faculty on the basis of modern requirements.


      The Academy's part-time education is open to employees with higher and secondary special education with at least three years of work experience in law enforcement agencies. Admission is based on openness tests and one-on-one interviews. Employees admitted to the form of distance learning are given the status of listeners.

The duration of study at the Faculty of Correspondence Education is 3 (three) years for employees with higher education, and 4 (four) years for employees with secondary special education. Graduates will be awarded the qualification of "lawyer" in the specialty "Crime prevention and detection activities."


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