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Vocational training faculty

The faculty of professional training was organized on the basis of train­ing courses for sergeants in 2017. During 2004- 2017 years more than ten thousand sergeants have successfully completed higher courses. The faculty was led by colonel S.Tangirberdiev and lieutenant-colonel J.Djumabaev.

As a result of reforms in the system of internal affairs, the aim and objective of the faculty were set at the level of the require­ments of the time. Currently, the purpose of the faculty is to train sergeants and offi­cers specifically for the internal affairs bod­ies in certain areas of education, as well as, advanced training of sergeants. Educational department of the faculty consists of cycles (including special sciences cycle, legal scienc­es cycle, and the cycles of service, combat and physical training), an information resource center and front-line units.

Faculty admits listeners among the Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan officials and military personnel of the internal affairs bodies that meet the re­quirements of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Internal Affairs bodies”, not younger than 18 and not older than 30 years, completed secondary specialized or vocational and higher education, served compulsory military service (for men), healthy and physically strong for service in the internal affairs bodies, successfully passed the preliminary and specially-pro­fessional selections.

The admission process is carried out on a competitive basis by the determined quotas of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the needs of internal affairs bodies.

The sergeants and of­ficers are trained in the following specialties in the faculty of vocational training:

  • Road patrol activities;
  • Patrol service activities;
  • Migration and citizenship registration activities;
  • Penitentiary service activities;
  • Crime prevention activities;
  • Administrative support activities;
  • Special operations activities.


At the faculty of special profession­al training of law enforcement officers is trained in the following areas:

Special training for officers of the in­ternal affairs bodies - graduates of civilian higher educational institutions are carried out according to a six-month program, af­ter which a special rank of “lieutenant” and a diploma of the corresponding sample are issued;

Special vocational training for employ­ees of the internal affairs services - people with general secondary, secondary special, professional or higher education are carried out in a five-month program, with the rank of junior sergeant and the corresponding sample diploma.

At the same time, the faculty has a training session for sergeants of law en­forcement officers in every four years.

At the faculty of vocational training, special attention is paid to improving the ed­ucational process and the introduction of new innovative educational technologies in the ed­ucational process.

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