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Post graduate education

This structural unit began its activity in 1994 as a Department for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. At that time, M.Kerzhnerwas appointed head of the department. Then the team was led by candidate of law, associate professor I.Ismailov, candidate of law A.Shomansurov, candidate of law, sssociate professor S.Akhmedova, Ph.D. Sh.Mamadaliev, Ph.D. B.Saidov.

The department of scientific and pedagogical personnel received the scientific degrees of the candidate of law sciences T.Mamatkulov, A. Samandarov, H.Turabboev, I.Sottiev, U.Mukhamedov, U.Mamadaliev, B.Saidov, N.Normatov, M.Suvonkulov, R.Shakurov, B.Tadjikhanov, A.Imomov, D.Mirazov, A.Otazhonov, A.Umarkhonov, O.Kamalov, I.Huzhanazarov, U.Fozilov, G.Botirov, S.Selimanova, H.Madrimov, J.Mukhtorov, M.Sobirov, doctors of law sciences Z.Gulomov, B.Pulatov, Yu.Pulatov, T.Saitbaev, A.Sattorov, I.Ismailov, A.Hamdamov, doctor of philosophical sciences Sh.Mamadaliev and K.Javakova.

In 2013, the Institute of Senior Researchers and Applicants was established under the department. For the past period, doctoral candidates and researchers O.Kamalov, I.Fazilov, Sh.Ganiev, A.Otazhonov, D.Mirazov, S.Selimanova, I.Turkunov, A.Rasulev, B.Murodov, N.Azizov, А.Rasulev, S.Rakhmanova, V.Karimov, R.Khakimov, А.Matchanov, Sh.Kulmatov, B.Rajabov, M.Ziyodullaev successfully defended their doctoral thesis and received the degree of doctor of science in law. As well as, S.Berdiyulov - achieved the degree of Doctor of Science in Philosophy, F.Primov, Sh.Giyasov, S.Gordeev, D.Karimova, E.Khayitov, Z.Jabbarov, А.Murodov, А.Amanov, Ya.Abdulkhakov, B.Muminov, S.Khujakulov, J.Yuldashev awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in law sciences.

Since 2017, the institute received the status of the faculty of postgraduate education. The training faculty is organized in two forms - supporting doctoral studies and doctoral studies. Today, the faculty trains highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the forms of supporting doctoral studies, doctoral studies and independent candidates:

12.00.01 – Theory and history of state and law, history of law studies;

12.00.02 – Constitutional law, administrative law, financial and customs law;

12.00.03 – Civil law, entrepreneurial law, family law, international private law;

12.00.08 – Criminal law, crime prevention, criminology, criminal executive law;

12.00.09 – The criminal process. Forensic science, operational investigative law and forensic expertise.

It should be noted that the scientific potential of the Academy is growing from year to year. Today, 31 doctors of science, 57 candidates of science, 15 professors and 60 associate professors made valuable contribution to the development of law, social and humanitarian sciences in the educational institution of our country. At the same time, more than 50 monographs, 30 brochures, and 600 scientific articles were published in a local and foreign scientific journals.

The faculty published a textbook from two forms “Scientific research: methodology, methods and creativity, which serves as a rational organization of scientific research of researchers. Moreover, every year a compilation of scientific articles on topical issues of law science are published. Lessons are held in the relevant specialties, methods of conducting scientific research and foreign languages. The establishment of cooperation with the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek and the Tashkent State law University opens new horizons in scientific research.

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